The structure of breathing

I’ve always liked math and I still do.

If you want to find out what I didn’t like as a student, go to this blog.

Back to why I like math:

🔢There’s a structure. You learn the basics and apply those to more complex problems. Once you know which method to use, you can solve the problem.

🔢 There’s no fluff. Your method either works or it doesn’t. Your answer is either right or wrong.

Similarly, I like breathwork. Or let me put it this way: 

➡️I got interested in breathwork because it gave me a structured approach to mindfulness

➡️I stuck with breathwork because it gives me a straightforward way to calm down.

And there’s a bonus: once you learn the basics, you can pick your favorite slow, conscious breathing exercise from various methods. 

You’ll get the same calming results as long as you

★Use your nose

★Engage your diaphragm

★Slow down your breathing

Let’s discover your favorite breathing exercise! Go here to pick a time and let's have a chat.

Stay healthy, stay happy.

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