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Hamra in front of a red brick wall

Hi there, I’m Hamra.

Breathing Coach + Lover of Roses

In addition to improving their sleep quality I’ve helped my clients achieve better stress management, more energy, and showed them how to tap into their breathing for better health. As a breathing coach with two certifications, I offer a four-week 1-1 program where clients uncover the power of their breath with a systematic approach, learn and implement various breathing techniques.

My clients rave that the program exceeds their expectations by making conscious breathing accessible and that they leave with a self-help tool for a lifetime.

Born and raised in Istanbul, the city that lies on two continents, I now live in Portland, Oregon. When not expanding my knowledge on breathing, you can find me tending to my garden or looking for wood marquetry art to add to my collection.

Stay healthy, stay happy.

Breathing is essential. It's powerful. And it's free. With some practice you can change your breathing pattern to balance your nervous system and support your well-being.

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