Rise Above Your Fear

“Hold my hand and look at my back” is what my husband said. Not an easy task when you are walking on a 450-foot-long suspension bridge hanging 230 ft above a river. 

Oh and one more caveat: I’m afraid of heights! 😨

I crossed the Capilano Bridge. This was during the 2019 holiday season. 

We got our tickets and went in line to go across. I didn’t see the bridge in its entirety until I was about to take my first step. And at that time I didn’t want to turn around, go against the flow of people to sit and wait until the others in the group finished the tour.

Slowly we walked. I would have preferred a brisk walk, but there were a lot of people on the bridge.

I wasn’t able to take in much of the view. After all, I couldn’t look around. I still managed to make it across and back. And towards the end, I felt comfortable enough posing for a picture! 📷

Hamra on Capilano Bridge
Crossing the bridge was a big step for me. I usually don’t force myself to overcome my fears. This time I didn’t want to stay behind and not be able to share the experience with my family. And I thought with so many people crossing the bridge, I should be capable of doing so as well.

My support came from:
  • holding on to my husband’s hand 
  • using my breath to calm me down
Positive encouragement and conscious breathing help overcome the body’s fight or flight response to perceived danger. My experience on the bridge is living proof of that.

Breathing is a powerful self-help tool. You can use it as 
  • emergency help — what I did on the bridge when panic/fear set in
  • maintenance — with regular practice, you will improve your sleep, mood, focus, digestion, endurance
The best part:
👉 Conscious breathing is free and accessible whenever you need it.

Stay healthy, stay happy.

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