Keep calm 😌 and take a deep breath!

Whenever you get the urge to take a deep breath, remember that deep doesn't mean big.

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Here's what to do to benefit from the relaxation effect of a deep breath:

★Close your mouth.

★Inhale through your nose.

★Bring the breath deep down, away from your nose, all the way to your diaphragm

★Exhale through your nose.

This will:

➡️slow down your breathing

➡️improve delivery of oxygen to your tissues and organs, including your brain

➡️stimulate the vagus nerve and switch on the relaxation response.

And help:

➡️calm your nerves, calm your mind

➡️improve your focus

Let's take a look at what happens when you take a big breath instead:
❌ Big breath in means big breath out (most likely). 
  • This leads to offloading more than necessary carbon dioxide. This leads to: 
    • less oxygen being delivered to your tissues and organs
    • constriction of blood vessels
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❌ Big breath means shallow breath (most likely). 
  • This leads to faster than necessary breathing.
    • This turns on the stress response of the body.
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Stay healthy, stay happy.

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