Why you need breathwork in your daily routine

It’s a highly effective stress management tool that’s available to you for free, 24/7!

Acute stress is the body’s response to an external event and goes away once the situation resolves itself.

Chronic stress, however, doesn’t dissipate. Your body stays in a ‘fight or flight’ response for an extended time.

'Fight or flight' response increases  
  • heart rate
  • muscle tension
  • breathing
  • glucose in bloodstream
  • buildup of plaque in arteries
  • oxygen consumption
  • risk of diabetes
  • stress hormones

The 'rest and digestion' response, on the other hand, decreases ✅
  • heart rate
  • muscle tension
  • inflammatory cytokines
  • elevated blood glucose
  • blood pressure
  • oxidative stress
  • stress hormones
We all know the problems chronic stress can cause.

We all breathe.

Then how about using your breath to manage your stress? I'll teach you how to shift your nervous system response from ‘fight or flight’ to ‘rest and digest’ with easy, science-based methods. Once you know how to use your breath, you'll have an effective tool for stress management in your pocket anytime, every time!

Stay healthy, stay happy.

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